About Me

Hi everyone!

Thank you for stopping by my blog. I hope you will enjoy it and that your stomach will do too! Here are some facts you might want to know about me:

My name is Marjorie Morin, I live near Montreal in Quebec, Canada. I speak French most of the time, but English is quite present in my life mostly by books, articles, TV and Internet

I have a background in multimedia (web, 3D, design), but I am now studying the wonders of the brain in order to become a neuropsychologist. If you don’t know what a neuropsychologist do, well in a very simple way they evaluate their patients to see which functions (memory, language, reasoning, etc.) are preserved and which have been altered by the trauma to the brain.

I am a book and TV series lover! I listen to A LOT of TV series. My favorites now are Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Touch, Revenge, Grimm, etc., etc.

My boyfriend, Frédérick, and I live together with our three cats, Spike (male), Darwin (male) and Mortimer (female).

I love Asian food and I love desserts (too much).

Baking has become a passion on summer 2010 so it’s pretty new. I was doing a lot of cupcakes, then I tried decorating cookies and now I’m trying everything I find yummy and/or cute!

Photography is also new for me, I have still a lot to learn particularly on food styling.

Thanks a lot again. Don’t hesitate to leave me comments, I will gladly read them and answer all of your questions! You can contact me via info(at)sugarforthebrain(dot)com.