Angel Food Cake

Angel Food Cake

Hi everyone! I LOVE angel food cake. And I don’t know if I should be ashamed of the next statement or not, but I’ve never, ever, eaten a homemade … [Continue reading]

Strawberry and Chocolate Mini Donut (baked)

Strawberry and Chocolate Donut (baked)

  Hello everyone! I hope you’re having a great week so far! Here the weather has been so beautiful, sunny and hot, pretty much like an … [Continue reading]

April DB Challenge: Savarin

Savarin from Sugar for the Brain

Hello everyone! This month's Daring Baker's challenge was amazing! I had never heard about savarin before. Frankly, it's a long process (3 waiting … [Continue reading]

Earth Cookies for Earth Day

Earth Cookies

Happy Earth Day! What a great day to take the time to think about what we can do to reduce our ecological footprint on Earth! What do you usually … [Continue reading]

Natrel Lactose Free Campaign

Raspberry Truffle Chocolate Squares

Hello Everyone! I hope everything is fine! School is over (for the week at least because I took a summer course!) so I’ll be posting more often! I … [Continue reading]

DB March 2013: Turtle Zucchini Brownies

Turtle Zucchini Brownies

Hey guys! Are you skeptical about adding vegetables to your desserts? I must admit for zucchini and avocado, I'm not.  And I'm the first to be … [Continue reading]

Cream Cheese Fruit Mousse {gluten free}

Cream Cheese Fruit Mousse

Hey everyone! I can’t even believe it’s already Wednesday! The time passes so quickly again! It’s great news though because my thesis is … [Continue reading]

Cookie and Cream Cheesecake Brownies

Cookie and Cream Cheesecake Brownies

Hello dearest readers! Hope you had a great week! I have another Cookie and Cream (Oreos) recipe for you. As I said a few times already, I'm not … [Continue reading]

Cookie and Cream Mint Trifle

Cookie and Cream Mint Trifle

Hello everyone!!! Hope you are happy and having a good time :D Here is a quick quick quick recipe that looks complicated (but is not) and is … [Continue reading]

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Hope you all have a great day. If you didn't find the special someone yet, I hope you celebrate the love of hearts, pink and cute stuff :D Love you … [Continue reading]