Hey everyone!

I hope you had an amazing Christmas time and a great 2012 so far! I did, I went to Disney World, what could be bad about that? It was our second time and we loved it all over again! We had some great hot days and some very cold ones (nothing compare to Montreal, but still!).

So I wanted to share this homemade gift I did for my boyfriend. I’m a bit late I know but I couldn’t tell you before I gave him (he would have known I lied) and after we were gone to Orlando.

Yes you did read that I lied to him. Let me explain! Each year, for the last 4 or 5 years my boyfriend’s family do a homemade gift exchange for a person we randomly pick. So this year, once again, because I picked him last year too, I had my boyfriend and I had to skillfully hide that from him. So I made an arrangement with my mother-in-law so that I could tell him I did my gift for the person she picked instead. I pushed the trick even to the point of doing another false-gift so that he trusts me *mischievous laugh*. In the end he was really surprised and I was happy 😉


I made four flavors of tea. I bought the tea leaves and I dried some fruits. Here are the different flavors :

Peach white tea

Apple and Cinnamon green tea

Strawberry Green Tea

Pomegranate, apple and strawberry white tea

You can go wild with the flavors, you can make about every combinations you want. You can also add nuts if you want.

To dry the fruits cut very thin slices of each fruit (the thinner the less time to dehydrate the fruits) and put them in the oven at about 150F (my oven doesn’t go lower than 170 F but it did the trick).

Then assemble in little jars and add a label to identify the different flavors.

I’ll be back with desserts very soon! I have my eyes on a couple of recipes I really need to try!