How to move your Google Reader RSS feed to Bloglovin’

Hello everyone!

Today is an informational post only! I’ll be explaining how you can move your Google Reader RSS feed to Bloglovin’ and how you can see all the updates from the pages you like on Facebook (like mine).

But before we begin, the winner of the Ice Cream Set Giveaway is … Jaque R. “I love ice cream with both chocolate and peanut butter.  Thank you. ». Congrats Jaque!

As you know, Google Reader is closing next Monday. To make sure you keep receiving all the updates from your favorite blogs, you can now import all the blogs you follow on Google Reader in Bloglovin’. It’s super easy and I’m sure you’ll love Bloglovin’. I shared with you a while ago how I loved Bloglovin’. I haven’t tried a lot of RSS readers, but this is by far the best of them. It’s easy to use, you can like posts (that was the big plus for me) and you can install a button on your browser that tells you when you have unread posts (ok that was also a huge plus!). You can find 10 reasons to love Bloglovin’ here.

In fact the import is so easy, it can be done in only two steps :
1- Click here
2- Click on the blue button “Import from Google Reader”

You’ll then have to categorize the blogs you followEasy peasy isn’t it? And don’t forget to follow Sugar for the Brain on Bloglovin’.

How to see all the updates from the pages you like on Facebook
You’ve probably read on your favorite Facebook pages that most of them don’t get a lot of views on their posts. This is because Facebook hides posts from you when you don’t interact with the pages you like. Facebook now offers a way to make sure we don’t miss those pages’ posts. This is also super easy to do. Just look at the image below and follow these steps:

On the pages you like:
Step 1: Hover over the “liked” button
Step 2: Click on “settings”
Step 3: Click on “All updates”