Cake pops fail

Happy weekend everyone!

I did promise you some Halloween treats for the weeks to come, but I’m sure you know that baking is not always about success stories. I think you get where I’m going with that (and I helped you with the title!)! I was all excited about doing cake pops for the first time, Halloween cake pops moreover! Here is the story of my failed attempt to cake pops!

Once upon a time (yesterday), a wannabe baker (yep that’s me!) wanted to try some nice cake pops she saw in a great book written by Bakerella, the cake pops fairy. Everything was going just fine, the cake, the crumbs, the cakes balls, but then there was the evil coating. Here is what went wrong for the wannabe baker:

 Bad melting. Very bad melting: if you want to be safe use a double boiler and not the microwave.

 Bad consistency: the candy coating was too thick so it was hard to dip the cake balls (Later I saw in the book that you can add some vegetable oil to the coating to liquefy it)

 At this point, I had no more orange candy coating to achieve great pumpkin cake pops 🙁

 Cracked pops: After coating the cake balls, the chocolate cracked. There is 2 hypothesis here, either the cake balls were too cold and the coating too hot, or some expansion needed to be done and they had no space to do it. Poor thing.

So if you want to do cake pops, I really recommend you to go to bakerella’s website or buy her book, because I’m NOT going to tell you how to do cake pops, considering that, obviously, I can’t do them myself!


However I can tell you how to do those cute cake mini-bites. Strange enough, all the problems above didn’t apply for these (except for the microwave probleme, which was resolved by then).

Follow Bakerella’s directions to do cake balls and melt candy coating.


For the shape:  flatten a big cake ball to the height desired. Cut a circle with a round cookie cutter. Then, cut the circle into 8 pieces.

For the decoration: Dip into pink candy coating and put on waxed paper. Let it set. Drizzle a little ganache over the cake and add sprinkles.


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  1. Annie Clermont says:

    Miam Miam ! C'est beau |

  2. Merci Annie!!

  3. I have had all of those things happen when I made cake pops as well. Steep learning curve. But your little "cakes" turned out gorgeous! They remind me of little tiny pink cheesecakes with chocolate sauce 🙂

  4. Beth Michelle says:

    Your little cake bites look so beautiful! I have never made cake pops myself, I figure I should leave that to the pros 🙂

  5. @ Heidi : thank you! It's comforting to know that I'm not the only one who had these problems!

    @ Beth : thanks a lot! Please don't use my bad experience as an exemple, I know that a lot of people get great results at their first try! It's not reserve to the pros!

  6. Stephanie says:

    Wow…those cakes look amazing. For the cake pops, no worries, baking is all about learning with experience, next time you'll do just fine. Thanks for sharing, it reminds me I'm not the only one 😉 Bonne journée 😉

  7. Merci Stephanie! Thank you for your kind words!

  8. Chic & Gorgeous Treats says:

    Marjorie, thanks for buzzing me over at my blog. I don't think you fail in anyway. I am not good in coating my cakes too. To me I think the colours are fantastic and I like how the effect of melting dark chocolate looks. May not be perfect in anybody's eyes, but it's simple and classic in my eyes. You have really some good treats here. Will be coming back for more. xoxo..

  9. Thank you so much! I realy love your blog too!


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